Residents’ Association Annual General Meeting (AGM) coming soon

The Swift & George House Residents’ Association would like to invite all leaseholders and tenants of the flats in George and Swift House to become members.
An inaugural  meeting was held on August 23rd and an interim committee was elected. The preparetions for an Annual General Meeting (AGM) are underway and we would like to invite all the leaseholders and tenants. The proposed date for the AGM is Saturday, September 29th. Confirmation and agenda will be sent beforehand.
The residents association is being created according to L&Q requirements in order to be officially recognised and in return, L&Q will attend all open residents meetings. We hope this will be a great platform for us to start communicating with the management company more efficiently.
Further details will be sent out to all residents in due course.
We look forward to seeing you all at the AGM.

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