March 2022 Residents Meeting

The next Resident’s Association meeting will be held on Tuesday 8th March at 7.30pm via zoom. Please see details at the bottom of this email on how to join the meeting. 

As usual, London & Quadrant (L&Q) representatives will attend and provide an update on the estate. Please see below the proposed agenda.

  • 1. Confirmation of committee members 
  • 2. Financial report from RA. 
  • 3. Update on EWS1 forms 
  • 4. Update on cladding remediation works 
  • 5. Update on replacement of internal pipe work 
  • 6. Update on Pigeon proofing
  • 7. Update on window survey
  • 8. Update on general building repairs and upkeep (e.g. to the bin store and bike sheds)
  • 9. AOB

This meeting will also be the Annual General Meeting for the Residents Association – which is an opportunity to review membership of the RA Committee and the accounts (Agenda items 1 & 2). The Committee would love some more help from residents to help ensure our buildings are good places to live. For the committee to be able to run, we are required to have volunteers fill roles including:

– Chair

– Deputy Chair

– Treasurer

– Secretary

– IT lead

– Resident’s representatives

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