Minutes from the second Residents’ meeting

Download the full minutes here.

Last December 5th, the SwiftGeorge Residents’ Association held its second meeting, with the participation of three L&Q representatives.

During the meeting, L&Q representatives had the opportunity to go through the list of issues and defects raised by the residents and explain the actions taken to resolve them. Some of the issues discussed were the state of the roofs, cladding, pest control, heating, windows, etc.

In terms of communication, L&Q representatives provided an e-mail address to raise issues directly with the after-care team, with the aim to improve communication and get faster responses. This e-mail address is lqaftercarenorth@lqgroup.org.uk

At last, L&Q announced that all residents would receive a £500 compensation for all the nuisances and issues suffered.

On behalf of the RA, we would like to thank the residents for their support and send seasonal greetings to everyone!

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