The residents had the chance to talk to L&Q face to face in the first S&G General meeting

Last Monday 24th of September the SwiftGeorge Residents’ Association held its first meeting with the residents. L&Q representatives were also present.

During this assembly, residents had the opportunity to get together, voice their complaints to L&Q and discuss their concerns.

The following topics were discussed:

  1. The interim committee was formally elected as the SwiftGeorge Residents’ Association committee for 2018/2019.
  2. The constitution and equal opportunities policy were discussed and adopted without any objections.
  3. The treasurer reported that was in the process of setting up a bank account for the association. Currently the association has no income and has had the following expenses:
    • Setting up the website – £36 (annual fee)
    • Renting of room for the AGM – £25
  4. The L&Q members mentioned that L&Q can support basic association’s expenses.
  5. All members were in favour of having a membership fee of £2.5 (two pounds and fifty pence) for now.
  6. All members were in favour of having four RA meetings every year and decide on smaller meetings as required.
  7. A number of complaints were raised by the residents to the L&Q representatives.  L&Q members apologised for the problems the residents have experienced over the past couple of years. He explained that L&Q is trying to move forward and improve the way they communicate with residents. The main topics covered could during the assembly were:
    1. Communication, in terms of the tone and the customer service.
    2. Difficulty to understand service charge and the calculations around the sinking fund.
    3. General lack of trust from the residents in the management of the property.
    4. Issues with Insite and efficiency around hot water.
    5. Lack of flexibility showed when repairs are required, as residents need to take to time off work because engineers only come during the week.
    6. Lack of efficiency and diligence in solving key matters like rodents infestation and hot water supply.
  8. Residents agreed to keep track of all the issues in a shared document.
  9. L&Q members promised to work to gain back the trust of the residents. As such, L&Q is deploying a workforce to identify these issues and improve their service. It was suggested by residents that they would be happy to provide input.
  10. L&Q also suggested the offer of an independent surveyor to conduct a structural survey to George House and Swift House.

Time went by very quickly and the session had to be concluded. Before the closing, the Residents’ Association agreed to organise the next general meeting in end of November or beginning of December and to invite members of Brent Council to attend.

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